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An informal get-together for people who work in the web industry around Melbourne.

Melbourne Geek Night

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Next event: 6:00pm, 21st September 2015.

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne 3000.

Melbourne Geek Night is an informal get-together for people who work in the web industry around Melbourne to catch-up, have a yarn, share ideas and talk about new techniques and technologies.

Aside from all the beer and social blather there are a small number of short talks (around 20 minutes) from guest speakers on all things 'webby'. Come along and get learned!

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September 2015

CSS Modules: The End of Global CSS

The next generation of CSS has begun. CSS Modules are a new, community-driven attempt to make our styles exponentially more maintainable and composable. Thanks to some amazing new development tools, we are now able to prevent our CSS from leaking into the global scope by allowing our styles to be directly imported into our JavaScript. CSS Modules radically change the way we style our web apps, introducing powerful new patterns for writing CSS in the JavaScript age.

By Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish

Principal Software Developer,

The story of ROKT - From screwing our first few desks together to managing a global team of 70+ 5 years on!

Those first few hires can make or break you! Without having a right eye on hiring talent and a left on the bank account /cash flow we would not have a 90 million dollar company today, in fact it would not exist... I cant wait to share the ride in terms of the dozen or so other critical success factors we have faced along the way and of course how we navigated 2 funding rounds of 10 million plus with some of the largest media names globally.

By Ben Voltz @rokt_media

Co-Founder and Director,

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